All New 2014 Online Workshop!

 There once was a house....

Some are built with straw , 
some with  sticks, 
and bricks. 
This one was built with metal ,
and what?
I am so over the top excited to share my new online workshop for 
Enaustic and  Metal Journal ,
The Journey Begins.....
We will build this assemblage cover with 
no solder ,
no glue. 
We're- Going- All- In.

 Oh, the wonderful textures! 
And I will show you how to get them , 
without spending a bunch of money on special tools. 
Putting on,
 taking off, 
we will be exploring 
many different ways to get SUPER Fun textures,
 and Gorgeous rich, deep , patinas on both the metals and encaustics, 
combined together to
create a journal worthy of antiquitous distinction !
(yes I did make that word up :)

And, who lived inside  this lovely house?
I will help you discover your house's story, as we  
dive into more encaustic exploration on  such oober fun substrates for our pages!
I am just chomping at the bit to get this party started can you tell ? :)
Your completed journal will tell a complete visual ,and archival history of everyone
who lived within your house, As you include artifacts, and relics , along with written word. All 
while exploring the huge magic  of what you can create using encaustics to create wonderful collage and assemblages .   I will also be showing how to 
add  the appearance  of 100 years to some new items for instant artifacts!

 The journey all begins on  
March 21!
The Special Deal..
For this weeks introduction, 
I am having a 
" super special early bird special "
for one week only 
the workshop price will be just
50.00 !
After that it will be a pre bird special of 59.00 for the remainder of the month of Jan . 
The  class will then go to its regular purchase  price of 


 I have all the details for the workshop on the "Online Workshops" tab at the top of this page.
To celebrate,
 I will be having a 
"Gathered Histories Deal of the Day " 
every day for the next week where I will collect a ridiculous amount of treasure and goodies into one collected lot of "relics" for you to use in your artwork.
 Just one per day, 
for one week only . 
I will post a photo here with a link to it on my Etsy listing. 

Thank you !

did I mention a ridiculous amount of goodies?
I feel like I should write one of those poems from the "eye spy "books to go 
with this pic. 

I got a little carried away with no theme really today . Just lots of gathering .

I will try to have themes for the rest of the week for you.
First come , only one available ! 
Click photo below for etsy listing

Blessings to you, and if you are new to my blog 
 and know that you can reach me any time via email at
with questions about any of my workshops :)

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