Artiscape Workshops and Some Studio Time to Share

 A little bit of time in the studio that 
I was super excited to have!
I will be teaching 3 all new super fun workshops at Artiscape in 
Columbus Ohio March 6-9 !

This is the Encaustics and Metal Pendant workshop
on Friday from 1-5:30. 

 I have had a few emails asking what the  differences are between this workshop, and my new
up coming online workshop
" Encaustics and Metal Journal , The Journey Begins....."
as we will be working in metal and encaustics in both 
this is true. But that
is pretty much where the similarity between the 2  workshops end. 
In the Pendant workshop we will
be completely working from the esthetic aspect of jewelry making.
  We will be concentrating on the coloring, and finishes, totally from the aspect of "wearable art." So each pendant can be completely unique , and have a different end look. I will bring different coloring choices so everybody can choose their own look and color pallet as well.
SO SO FUN and totally addicting!

Whereas in the journal workshop, we are " building" a complete  "visual story" within our journal,with a theme carried throughout our assemblages. Each page will have a different approach to it, and be constructed differently, continually pushing us outside our "boxes" and exploring different  techniques, but they will still flow and tie together in our little archival "historical museums."
As you can tell I am completely over the top excited about both!
Just One more Day to purchase the online workshop
at the Early Bird price of 59.00!
After Feb 1st regular price of 69.00.
You can see the  online workshop page at the top
of the blog for details of all my current online workshops.
Feel free to email me any time .
To see the 3 workshops I am teaching at Artiscape,
and the other wonderful workshops in just about
everything you can possibly  imagine (there are 50!)see the 
 "She had Moxie" 
Encaustic assemblage

 This little gal is one of my original cast charlotte heads.
She has a copper dress with a beautiful aged

 In this assemblage I used this absolutely delicious handmade bark paper
 that Miriam sells in her Etsy store here .
vintage ribbons and lace and paper from one of my early nineteenth
century periodicals . Oil colors , and many, many, many, wonderful
encaustic layers.

I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.
-DH Lawrence  

This one resonated with me this week. I found out
my healing finger wasn't healing at all . 
The bone is just kind of hanging around not connecting
with its buddy, my knuckle .
 So I have a little surgery
tomorrow with pins , 
and things that stick out of my finger for a while  , 
and go bump in
the night , oh my!
 Franken Finger !
I have been a baby about it .There could be so many other things , and I will
get around it just like I do . Just stop dwelling , and Go!
"I wish I heard a Bird Whisper "

Encaustic assemblage painting 
with one of my soldered vintage broken china birds.

Both pieces will be in my Etsy Store tonight :)
Blessings to you,

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