Gathering Day 3 ... Fibre

For Gathering Day 3 I have fibers for you ,
A few things are finished, most give you something to do.
Pure Silk Sari Ribbon  9 yards of it white,
So many yards of vintage  lace some dark and some light.
4 celluloid cuff links  are waiting for you,
 and mop buttons are hiding there there too

 2 vintage quilt brooches , pin them where you may,

One set of  beautiful vintage quilt wings in a nest for today.
6 Czechoslovakian flowers 1920s for a bride,
also 2 more yards of gorgeous ecru lace are inside.

 Next old  flour sack pretties are so pretty and pink,
more lace, and more ribbon over 17 yards there I think.
 A collar full of the prettiest vintage pearls wrap around,

and ooh! 6 flower milk glass buttons  I found.
 2 perfect vintage hankies just for Valentines Day,

 3 little new gift bags decorated same way.
 One gorgeous lace glove don't know where the other might be,
 this one was saved just for inspiration you see.
Thank You Dawn!
Ok , here is day 3!
click photo above to go to the listing :)

Also a big huge shout out to all my past and current other workshop
participants that have signed up for 
"Encaustic and Metal Journal 
The Journey Begins.... "
So glad you will be joining me again ,
 we are going to have so much fun!
And thank you so much for the kind comments you have sent. 

4 more days to register at the 50.00 early bird price.
As always please let me know if you have any questions first.
Oh and Yes ! It is  IPad friendly :)

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