Gathering Day 5 "Child's Play"

Here is Gathering Day 5!
"Child's Play " is the theme
Just 2 days left !
Early registration for "Encaustic and Metal Journal, 
The Journey Begins.... ends 
 Thursday night  at midnight.

Here we go !
 Gathering Day 5 is "child's play " for you,
5 antique doll heads, brunettes 3, and blonds 2.
 Next 8 doll legs how adorable are they,
holes already in them and ready for play.
2 frozen Charlotte dolls salvaged from the ground,
from c. about 1900 same as the others I've found. 

7  old doll parts with no paint on them plain,
 a little magic fairy dust all on a page about a train.

Lots of old toys from Cracker Jacks and Bubble Gum,
and a Japanese "Penny doll" not sure where he came from.

5 plaster doll heads , 1 small charlotte, 3 very  large they are cast,
  You can sand them, and paint them, and faux finish them fast.

2 vintage doll bodies with their heads open wide,
you get to decide what fun goes inside.
One antique wood nesting egg, one of my favorite things yet!
And all in one lot ,these are the toys you will get !

Thank you !

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