Store is Stocked Full With Goodies To Play With !

 What was I thinking? 
Slowing down lasted exactly 2  1/2 seconds 
until I figured out that I could solder 
with my right hand, and a few other things !
Everything is quite a bit slower, as I feel like I am doing everything backwards, 
when in reality my normal way is exactly backwards as a lefty :)

So what did I do in my  bit of down time?
I absolutely LOADED
 the Etsy store full of goodies and supplies  to play with , and 
add to your own creations!
 So much fun stuff.
 handmade focal pieces, 
broken china focals ... 
and I'm still loading :)
 These have such a wonderful porcelain feel to them .
Made from resin clay. 
Oh, and here is what I was soldering . 
I haven't really had the urge to make jewelry at all ,
since all of my best pieces were stolen a few months ago. I wasn't dwelling, or pouting,
it just seemed like such an incredible amount of time was wasted , and not having
the gratification in the end that someone was enjoying the piece you created.  I just didn't feel like doing more.
 this week anyhow.
as soon as I thought 
"oh, wait I can't do that ,"
 I suddenly had the overwhelming urge
 to torch 
and solder
 Not quite there yet, 
but here are a few diddies 
I did manage to assemble . 
 I have had these beautiful  vintage china birds I cut  for myself
quite some time ago, and just hadn't found the right projects for them .
I also did the beads made from vintage tin quite a while back , and they too 
have been waiting for a project.
 This one is quite a large focal piece.
 Definitely a statement necklace. 
These are little vintage salvaged 
gals great for assemblage pieces, as the top of  their heads are hollow! 
SO fun !
blessings ,

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