Super Fun Workshop At Artiscape

Here is another workshop I will be teaching at 
March 6-9 Columbus Ohio.
 Just flat out super Fun ! 
3 totally different approaches to these awesome metal flowers.
With a gazillion different outcomes!
 I will show 3 completely different ways to achieve these flowers,
and you will play ,and play ,
with the endless awesome results patterns, and textures 
you can achieve! 
Thank you so much for the well wishes!
Surgery went fine , and they will be pulling my
Frankenstein pins before I leave for Artiscape  YAY!
I am still a little plucky on the typing this week as my new cast covers a little
more than I thought , but I was promised if I was good, I would get another exposed finger on Monday! 
So I am just a tad slower answering all the emails (constantly fixing clumsy typos :)
but I Will Answer , so feel free to email at any time with questions etc.

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