Artiscape 2014

 In just 24 hours I am off to Artiscape 2014
in Columbus Ohio. I think the snow is done here for a few days at least
so everyone can enjoy safe travels. 
Pins in finger came out today ! Dr said a few things that
made me grumble, groan , but at least they are out of my way
and we can get busy this weekend in all three workshops!
Little Miss Reagan is coming along  to help again this
year .
 I shouldnt say little anymore as she just a few months from teenagerdom !

 Above is one of the flowers from the "Awesome Metal Flowers "
workshop . I mounted it on a piece of scrap brass that has been textured 
patina -d and polished . These are awesome and look beautiful with mixed metals,
if you have little pieces of copper, brass, nickel  around the studio.
There are still a few slots open for this workshop.
More vintage tin . I could play with this for days . Soo many 
ways you can go. One of these is a puffy heart ! The other is backed with another gorgeous 
piece of brass.
Playing with new photo editor Aps!
These are addicting. I will tell you about a few of my favs when 
I get back .
I also like playing with metal baby heads. (who doesn't? )
In this workshop we are casting little  metal baby heads, and 
then creating textured torsos and vintage attire for 
one gorgeous neck piece!
Still a couple slots in this one ( I think).
More Metal Encaustic pendants . Wildly fun, and freeing.
This workshop is sold out. (but I may have a surprise 
for those who have emailed me about it when I get back :)

Blessings to you, 

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