Enjoying Art and Finger Painting

What happens when you don't post when you should?
You get post back up!
I have so much I wanted to share with you, but I don't want to overload you with metal work , and painting, and upcoming workshops, and dolls etc all in one post!

First off, I took Reagan and her friend to the Cincinnati Art Museum , and the Contemporary Art museum of Cincinnati  last week. 
 This was hands down our favorite at the Contemporary this visit :). 
Exhibits change every few months. 
This one is all embedded in resin.

After,  Reagan and I decided to do some encaustic landscape paintings.
"Windy on the Bluffs"

I decided to do the textured wax  build up technique  for my  area on the bluffs, 
similar to the technique I show how to do 
in the "Encaustic Journal Journey workshop" on the Father's page. 

 Reagan's encaustic landscape
She used scraping techniques and clay tools, with layers of encaustic color.

Reagan really enjoys working with the encaustics!  

In order to get my 2 fingers to move and bend again, 
I have been painting and drawing a lot more than usual.
My goal in this, is to use these fingers as much as possible to get them mobile.
I love online workshops for painting and drawing ,as it is the one area 
where I am not confident at all .
 I also find painting  extremely relaxing , and stress relieving.  It is like finding a piece of yourself in every picture.
The huge problem I find, is that I never get the "Me" time  to watch these workshops once I purchase them!

I know many many many of you suffer from the same struggle, as it is one of my most common email questions about my own workshops. (don't worry you always have them , and me :)

Well God bless the lovely and awesome  instructors that let me continue to have access, or down load etc. so that little by little , and ages later , I can watch one here and there. I am so grateful for it.

I saw an interview That Tam Laporte did with Carla Sonheim 
Hands down this interview was one of my favs!
(I have started watching the videos for my painting  workshops while doing cardio,
 early, early in the morning , so I can kill 2 birds with one stone. With only so much "me " time you do what you gotta do! :) 
I also love the "Lifebook" online workshop . It is one of those feel 
goody things that I don't get to see a lot of ,( there is a LOT of content), but love everything I have seen. 

Wait a minute I have one of Carla Sonheim's painting workshops! 

UGH I am a painting workshop hoarder !!!!
 Well,  I went back and found it , 
and this exercise  she had for 
"faces 101" , 
perfect for my finger therapy!
Each one took under 3 minutes timed.
 I used only my left hand, 
which I am left handed, but have been
using my right almost exclusively for 3 months.
 All blending etc I have been doing with just these 2 healed but stiff ,stubborn to move and work fingers.
 I know ,
you are not supposed to touch your paintings or drawings  with your fingers , but since when have I been able to follow the rules when it comes to art?
 Your own creations are the  one area in life where legally you do not have to follow the rules. 
Complete Freedom to create!

 Finger Painting Girl Series

For this encaustic painting I broke out the  oil paint  sticks (Yummy).
I used both Sennelier, and Shivas.
 She  was completely created with only my fingers.
I just dug in Finger painting, and finger blending, with the oil colors.
 ( with the exception of a bit of the eyelids)
Awesome fun!
 Her hair is vintage text from a 1930s primer , then finished with many dreamy encaustic layers ( I used a brush for that part )

" Dreaming the Dance"
Another instructor I really  love to take from  is Misty Mawn
In one of her videos she reminds you that there
"Are no lines in the real world" 
Of course referring to portrait drawing and blending . 

But how many lines do we draw for ourselves 
when we are creating?
Afraid to
cross them , 
or think outside of them?
No matter what medium you are currently using,
There are No lines in your creative world ...

Encaustic Prim Girl
(also an oil finger painting)

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