Today I am celebrating.
Not a birthday, not an anniversary.
Just today 
 in Spring. 
Growth, warmth, sun, life.
The color green.
You  seemed so long in coming ,
I was afraid that you wouldn't come at all.
But, here you are the same as always,
a little late, but always a welcome friend.

This week yielded quite a bit of fold forming with copper.
Organic shapes are my favorite. Leaves ,and pods .
My favorite patina right now , is anything that will produce a beautiful organic 
verdigris look. 
And , it seems to be a little bit of an obsession at the moment.
Making the copper look as though the earth is trying to reclaim what belongs to it .
Sun, and rain, and sun again.

A couple more designs using the etched bullet casings . You can see much much  more in 
my new ebook tutorial 
"Create Beautiful Boho Style Etched Bullet Jewelry"
available in my Etsy Store.

 These casings have  my hand drawn celestial pattern.

 On this necklace I added little droplets  of 1850s transferware china.
 and a soldered china bird.
and wishing you a beautiful Spring weekend, 

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