May 10, 2014

WooT! 8th Annual Bead Soup Blog Party

 Woot  Woot! It's Time for the Party!
Bead Soup Reveal Day!

Yay its reveal day ! 
Well here is the picture I promised of the soup I sent to Sheila . She was kind enough to send me a pic as I was not too swift and sent the soup  out without taking one.
here again is my yummy soup I received.
I  Love
each and every spoonful !

Right now I have 2 neck pieces completed from my soup. 
There is SO much goodness, I think I could post for a week,
and might just do so as I finish more pieces!

 The first piece I created a copper fold form bezel around the large beautiful green focal bead Sheila sent me. 
I was so happy when received all of the lovely shades of green in my soup . I  was so ready for spring, and my bead soup was bursting with beautiful colors.
It has a drop with one of my etched bird bullets beads, and lots more of Sheila
s beads/ .

 I darkened up the beautiful clasp Sheila sent just a bit , and then buffed back out. 
I hated to do that to such a gorgeous clasp , but it was in keeping with the style I was working with.

These black babies are my absolute favs!
Next, Hubby brought home this OMG Awesome thick copper wire from Home Depot last week. 
He said he was going out to Home Depot, and  I asked if he could get me some really
thick copper wire. 
This is what he brought!
It's absolutely gorgeous as soon as you take the torch to it. 
It is a little hard for my hand that is not up to par yet , but it
 was awsome exercise. 
Wow this wire is my new favorite thing in the world.
I see lots of bracelet experimentation with this .  

He didn't say what gauge it was , I will have to get receipt from him, but I am thinking 8-6ish?
I thought he brought me 1/4 " copper  tubing when he gave it to me as it was so thick.

 I added some of my verdigris  bullets and the lovely flower beads Sheila sent to me .

This one has a fold formed copper bail and hangs on leather chord. 

Here is the link to the list of awesome bead soup party goers:
8th Annual Bead Soup 
check it out!
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Blessings to you,


  1. Loving the folded copper idea and the earrings are seriously cool

  2. I knew you would make something amazing with the soup, Shari! I love the contrast of textures and colors with the metal and the beads. So much fun! Thanks for being my partner.

  3. What a great soup. You make lovely jewellery and i love the bullet case additions.

  4. These pieces are wonderful! The combination of your and Sheila's components is perfection. Love what you made!

  5. Nice work. Really love what you did with all the copper.

  6. Wow those bullets and delicate flower heads are amazing together! Lover the colour
    of the beads in your pieces together with the copper. Gorgeous!!

  7. Very nice! I like how everything came together for you. And the patina on the shell casings brings everything together.

  8. I love the up cycling of the shell casings! The patina is nice but the bird etching it darling!

  9. The etched and patina bullet casings are gorgeous! What a unique component to add to the beautiful work!

  10. Just came up from your partners blog - seems you both have found each other. Your soup is as lovely as hers. I like the copper bezel setting of the heart, and your handmade bullets are so charming.

  11. Beautiful! I love your use of copper!

  12. Great design with the wrapped focal, I like it a lot!

  13. I love your folded copper around the focal and using solder as an accent -very edgy Shari and very cool!!

  14. Awesome, just awesome - how you used the bullets and your folded focal, I love each detail here!

  15. intriguing components! inspiring work with wire!

  16. Beautiful and so different! I like your metalwork very much. Wathing your jewelry is very inspiring!

  17. Oh, wow! Beautiful use of colour!

  18. Lovely work! Your metalwork is inspiring.

  19. Oh my, Shari, I was not familiar with your work... absolutely stunning and original :) Love those bullets!

  20. OMG, all these piecces are so beautiful. I love your style! And so you are in my bloglist now.

  21. Your necklace is spectacular! I just received some bullet casings, so pretty excited to see how you used them =) REALLY inventive and creative! =)

    Linda A.

  22. Great soup and the pieces you've mad are beautiful. My favourite is the flowers with the bullet casing, just gorgeous!

  23. Both of those necklace are so dreamy! I would wear them both in an instant. I would LOVE to know where in the hardware store your hubs found that wire. It is indeed most excellent. Of course, it is even more so because it has your magic worked on it.

    1. Hi Hope ,
      He got it at Home Depot in the Electrical section.This is 8 gauge . I was hoping they had 12 as well, but no such luck at mine anyway.
      and thank you!

  24. Beautiful and inventive!! Love how you folded the focal in the first one - that piece is my favorite!!

  25. Everything is beautiful but I have to say your hubby did a great job choosing the wire and you did a fantastic job with it. It's my absolute favorite. Do you think he would go to the store for me? LOL

  26. Wow wow wow, I love each piece, the metal wrapped bead is stunning and the bullets are incredible. Amazing designs!

  27. Your pieces have a great bohemian look. I want to lose myself in all the cool details. Really special work!

  28. Love the - ♥free- design style♥ and the colours of your work! Stunning...

  29. So artistic... Really Soup-er! Yep I'm still hopping! Don't want to miss a thing!

  30. Hi! Nice post- the rock as background gives the pictures so much texture! :) I've always loved the idea of bead soup swaps but find it difficult to get involved as they are just once a year, especially if your partner doesn't follow through! Which is why I've decided to organise a MASSIVE bead soup where every header gets the same pack of beads- it'll be cool to see what 10s or even- fingers crossed- 100s of beaders can do with the same beads! :) I'd love for you to be involved :) You can find out more on or get in touch at :) Would love to hear from you! :)

  31. Your metal work is complicated and impressive! And very well complemented the soup you received. I love the colors you picked and the wirework and your bullet casings are an awesome detail!


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