Wax on Wednesdays #3!

                                                I owe an extra Wax on Wednesday!
I will do my best to fit in an extra surprise Wednesday in here, in the next couple of weeks.
Truth told, I am back from a much needed brake for our annual trip to Disney .
Mosaics inside Cinderella's Castle originally designed by Dorthea Redmond mosaic created
by Hanns Joachim Scharff
When I was younger we would go to Disneyland because we lived in California. Now that I am practically in the middle of the country-ish, we travel to Disney World.

As an adult I am still strongly drawn to this place. Of course it is no longer the princesses, or the hoopla  that lures me back now. The  strong memories of my entire family being there  is a part of it. And, the overwhelmingly positive attitude does completely recharge my spirit, where I realize it is too much for some (my husband included.)
 I am a strong believer of a positive  domino effect. Where one act of kindness can blossom into hundreds , or even thousands if continually paid forward. And , I have seen , heard, and experienced many of these acts originating from the people employed there.
Jack , an awesome Disney cast member, drew this for Reagan on a napkin ,while he was waiting to 
for our chicken sandwiches to be ready at a quick serve restaurant in Hollywood Studios.

Generating a positive spirit is a whole other blog post however!

Reagan's freehand paper tablecloth drawing at Cape May Cafe

The thing that draws my artist eye back year after year is this. Behind Everything at Disney down to the tiniest detail, from the buildings, decor, rides , themes, hotels, etc is is a mass conglomerate of artists from every aspect imaginable.
Disney Contemporary resort wall mural
In short, someone dreamed it , someone designed it , and someone figured out a way to make it real.
Sand castles in display cases all around Cape May Cafe

                                                                   Yes it is commercial.
But, I approach it as behind each and every experience, and detail, there are a multitude of  creative spirits that poured their soul into making  this real.
original artwork by Guy Vasilovich

As a result I like to look for, and appreciate, all of the creative energy that has been produced by people both living and past ,that went into everything there , and not the commercialness of it.

And my own spirit is refreshed

Wax on Wednesday #3

For this weeks "Wax on Wednesdays" I am using a handmade stencil to lay color on top of  color.
I used heavy 140lb paper because it was handy , but card stock, chip board , etc, can all easily be used for this. If you want a cleaner edge to your finished image ,clean it up with a slightly warmed up blade or exacto knife etc. heated on your warming tray.

For this week I prepped board with  encaustic gesso, and then used encaustic medium , oil colors white , and black, and water soluble graphite on
cradle board . Thats it!

The lovely vintage striation marks are from the graphite moving on the wax. That was probably my favorite part about this piece.

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Blessings to you,

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