Welcome ! Come join us for Wax on Wednesdays #4!


Here is #4!
This week is alcohol inks , and all the fun magical ways it interacts
with the wax. 
It changes and transforms into beautiful shapes , and is wonderful for incising marks
and lines.
The abstract flowers remind me of a peacock . 
This painting video is a time lapsed over several days. 
I was drawn back to the rich vibrancy of the blue alcohol ink in the end. 

My favorite crayon in the whole box of Crayolas as a child
was "Cornflower Blue" ! I don't believe they make it anymore , so
I probably really dated myself with that tid bit of info . But, it was so alive  and exciting!

This is also a good description for the alcohol inks used with the wax.
"Alive and exciting!"
They move , and transform into what they will. Each time it is different.

What was your favorite crayon in the box,
and why?

Sometimes the video does not come through if you are receiving this post via email. If you do not
see the video , here is the direct link to my you tube channel where you can view this weeks video directly :)

I sincerely hope you are enjoying the Wax on Wednesdays series!
If you are giving any of these fun techniques a go , and want to share , please feel free to share your blog post etc related to this post , in comments with us!

Blessings to you,

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