Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays! #8

This week I went back to my roots 
and did an assemblage piece. 

 This will be the last Wax on Wednesdays ! for a bit as 
it is almost time for 
"Encaustic Art to Wear" 
online workshop to begin , YAY!
And also , I will be at the Country Living Magazine shows 
in Columbus , Ohio , and Atlanta Ga. in Sept and Oct. 
If I can find a spot to fit in a Wax on Wednesday , I 
certainly will .

One of my tiny pewter cast Charlotte dolls . 
The title of this piece is "Housekeeping" .

This super yummy rusty metal door plate had a few coats of matte spray 
added before this piece was begun. I don't show any of the prep work,
or finishing the sides, excessive scraping back and cleaning up etc, in the videos as not to bore you to death.

There is also a lot of "cool down " time in between, where the piece needs 
to rest and it's too warm to work with , so  I go work on another piece.

Bottom line...
I wish I could make a piece like this in 6 minutes 58 seconds but Im just not that epic . So I sped it up, and just
you show the good parts :)))

Sometimes you cannot see the video if you receive this post via email. If you do not see 
the video , you can view it directly on my Youtube channel Here. 
Or, by clicking on the photo below. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks "Wax on Wednesdays!" 
This piece will also be offered at the Country Living Magazine 
Fair . So ,come and see me if you would like to see it in person!
Blessings to you,

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