A Little Bird Told Me

 Lot's of precious little vintage china 
birdie focals just listed in my Etsy shop!
 Perfect for broken china jewelry, beautiful to just collect,
( I love bird shapes and symbols)
 or use for my new workshop 
"Birds of a Feather, Solder Together" 
which begins Nov 24.
(I do show you how to make your own as well in the workshop :)

 These are from truly  gorgeous patterns of Nippon, Haviland Limoges,
Staffordshire Transferware from the 1880s etc. 

I have finally decided to open a second Etsy shop!
What is it called ?
"Shari Replogle " LOL!!
I know really original huh?
I just didn't want everyone 
to have to remember 500 names of places to find me it gets confusing. 
This shop will have my more whimsical side with 
 paintings, girls, gift bags, prints, journals etc. 
I just didn't feel like it went with all of the metal goods and workshops.

But, I have had the main shop Primology for so long now , January of 2007!
It was a hard decision to make for me, and I have been going back 
and forth about it for a while now. 
I actually have this battle with myself constantly .
Do I paint? 
Do I create with metal and assemblages? 
Do I make Art Dolls?
Do I loose you as readers sometimes when I post to much of one or the other ?
It get's especially confusing even to my husband when I have been hammering and soldering away for months, and then emerge with German Mohair Elephants or whimsical girl paintings.
I have tried to hone in and give a practiced  focus on just one or the other for years but ,
I have finally decided the answer is just 
I do. 
I can't do one or the other . I really wish that I could . 
They are all  just deeply part of me , and my absolute need to express myself 
through art one way or the other. 
The metal is what I gave to myself to be myself. The dolls and the painting are what my Mother and Grandmother gave to me, and we did together.

So thank you , thank you ,to all who have stuck with 
me all of these years. Whether you are a doll person , passionate for metalwork, or 
painting and encaustics. I appreciate you more than you know. 

Oh my goodness, 
I didn't start this post thinking I would ramble like that!!!

Anyhoohow, It would be really  great if you would pay the new 
store a little visit, or favorited  it, or just "liked" something in it :)
I also have a special grand opening sale of 10 % off all orders this month starting now!
Coupon Code: NEWSHOP10
I will hopefully catch up with myself here by the weekend ,and be loading even more goodies into it by Sunday. The sale will go all all month , so check back for new items. 
Right now it has several one of a kind little gift bags with prints of my original  paintings, and some have 
beautiful vintage laces added, and others have hand painted bags. 
All of them have matching gift cards attached so they are ready to be filled and hung on the tree , added  to a stocking , etc. 

Blessings to you,

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