BLack Friday ARe you Tired Yet?

Happy Black Friday everyone ! 
Now that you are back in your toasty warm abodes after your all night excursions ,in your
nice fluffy slippers to soothe those aching  feet.
Is this some sort of holiday now? No, its a mission !
Oh well, I am just home working away, as I am afraid  and terrified of 
being stuck in all of that traffic.
 I just don't want anything that badly to brave that !
Just like every year ,I enjoy hearing about the heroic ventures of everyone who braved the shopping trenches, and their plunder, but glad I didn't do it  (home body :)

I  have received
quite a few emails about the pricing for the 
"Give Thanks , and Give Back Holiday Sale "
in conjunction with the news letter subscriber sale .

So hear is the deal . 
If you are a newsletter subscriber, you get 15% off your total purchase of 
anything in the shop. 
++You also still get the 50% off your second workshop.
This offer is good until Tuesday Dec. 2. 

The good thing for you,
is that I DO NOT do the 
 "Bath and Body Works" ,
etc etc tricky coupon pricing !!!!
I am pretty straight forward :)
Example :
 If you are a newsletter subscriber (sign up is on the lefthand side bar of blog)

Your gonna get  your second workshop for 65% OFF!

(15% newsletter + 50% off second workshop)
Thats Right !
So if you get "Solder and Spice"(65.00)
"How to Create Broken China Jewelry"(39.00)

Then you will get Solder and Spice for just 55.25
You get How to Create Broken China Jewelry for only 13.65 !!!!
plus 15% off anything else you would like.

If you get "Solder and Spice" (65.00)
The brand new Birds of a Feather Solder Together (65.00)

Then you will get Solder and Spice for just 55.25, 
You get the brand new Birds of a Feather Solder Together for only  22.75!!
plus 15 % off anything else you would like !

And ,
You have the workshops as long as you would like them , no cut off .
So, if you have been thinking about joining us for some workshop fun,
now is definitely a great time !

I have also found it is A LOT  easier if you just convo or email me , and I create a custom listing for the workshops of your choice + whatever else you may in Etsy shop, or send a Pay pal invoice from this site ,so I can do the discounts for you with out you having to put out any extra $$ and wait for me to refund it .

Don't forget to sign up for the solder basket , or free workshop giveaway in the previous post !!!
Blessings to you , and safe travels this holiday season,

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