Wax on Wednesdays! Holiday Edition Video !!

As makers of fun things sometimes our Holidays get a little confusing.
For instance I was hand painting these little beauties on Halloween. 
I was doing a large batch all last week , but it especially tickled my funny bone 
on Halloween morning. 

But, I had had a plan for a while to share these with you for ....

"Wax on Wednesdays!" Holiday Edition Video  !!!


 I love these little bottle brush trees, and also collecting the old 
plastic ornaments, and Penny dolls. 
Their little cute faces just get to me, and they all remind me of the old Christmas
songs my parents played over  and over during the holidays.
 Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra , Perry Como, Andy Williams,
Nat King Cole, and one of my Mother's Favorites Johnny Mathis. 
You know the gang. 

 In this weeks Wax on Wednesdays, I have cast the old dolls in plaster,
and then used the castings to create these little holiday ornaments .
Materials I used:
little masonite boards 
Oil Pastels to paint the figures
Glitter dust 
vintage glass garland balls for trees 
encaustic medium
titanium white encaustic stick R F
bottle brush trees
plaster cast figures
mini eye hooks
pretty ribbons for hanging

I truly hope you enjoy this Holiday edition of 
"Wax on Wednesdays" 
I had wanted to put some of these songs onto the video, but that would 
be a big no no with copyright on youtube. 
So, we are stuck with 
the "Jingle Punks" , but that just makes it easier to sing along kareoke style :)))

I will have the ornaments I made for you here  in the video, signed,dated,  and  up for 
grabs in my Primology Etsy Store at exactly 8pm tonight Eastern Time
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 Sometimes if you receive the blog post via email, the Youtube video does not show up.
Use this link to go directly to the You tube video so that you can see this weeks Wax on Wednesdays! Holiday edition !!
Link to this weeks Youtube Video

Hope you are enjoying the beginnings of this holiday season,
Happy Creating!
Blessings to you, 

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