Jan 15, 2015

New Wax on Wednesdays Video is Here!

Sorry this Wax on Wednesday is so late . 
Right after my last post, I caught a bad stomach bug for the first time in what seems like  forever, and it wasn't pretty like this!

 I forget to put my lipstick on half the time out the door , 
let alone when I'm in bed sick like this lady!
 In fact I think I went to bed with at least 10 layers of clothing on
 including my hubby's sweatshirt over my own ! :)

This week's "Wax on Wednesdays!"
 is creating fun collage by altering vintage photos.

The materials I used in this project are:
Fiber board
encasutic gesso
Encausticos Hot cakes (color)
Sennelier oil pastels (color )
prints of vintage photos
vintage ephemera for text
and R and F Encaustic medium 

Here are the vintage photos if you would like to use them
in your own creations :

If you are not seeing the video , sometimes when you receive the blog post via email the youtube video does not show up in the content. To see the video click on the link below. If you subscribe to my Youtube channel you will always know when I have posted  a new video for you :)
click here to view video

Almost time for the workshop !
Just a few more days
until the "Encaustic Mini Assemblage Masks and Tribal Beads"
workshop begins! Yay!!!!
We are going to have so much fun 
sculpting, mold making, casting, encaustic painting, 
and constructing assemblage pieces with fun vintage items , and encaustics !
You can see all of the details , and register for the workshop on the online workshop page of the blog. 



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  2. Thanks so much for the video! I'm learning so much from watching your channel. I about freaked when I saw you smear the brown pastel all over, but love the results after you wiped it off. Whew! also for sharing the vintage pics.
    Wondering, do you have a recipe of your own for encaustic gesso (without rabbit skin glue)?
    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Thank you!
      Yes, the brown oil stick (or whatever color you want to highlight with ) can be a little scary at first , but it comes off with no problems. For small projects such as this ,my secret recipe for encaustic gesso is R and F brand Encaustic Gesso :) .
      It differs from the regular acrylic gesso because it has a much higher ratio of solid to binder so that it is absorbent for the wax medium. You can also just start out by using a white encaustic paint as your ground base as well.
      The other alternative is of course the traditional rabbit skin glue gesso.
      Here is the link to the R and F at Jerrys Artorama:


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