Jan 27, 2015

New Wax on Wednesdays Video is up!

This week was all about lots of texture, and 
collage with vintage ephemera, and fibers. 

The Materials I used this week:
masonite board
Rand  F encaustic gesso
R and F encaustic medium
 Sennelier paint sticks:
Burnt umber
titanium white
yellow ochre
Ranger alcohol inks
clay tools for mark making, and scraping
rubber stamps
vintage ephemera and fibers
water soluble graphite

This is a time lapsed video . 
It has many ,many layers in order to achieve the depth of the texture,
 and was actually done over about 3 days time . 
I tried to show the most important parts when it morphed into the next phases of existence :)
Here is this weeks
Wax on Wednesdays ! video
Hope you enjoy!

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Wax on Wednesdays! video

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Live workshops!
The Caretaker Encaustic Doll Assemblage
Artiscape Art Retreat 
Columbus , Ohio 
Saturday April 11, 2015
She is metal, 
she is encaustic, 
she is assemblage,
 with beautiful purposely assembled
vintage findings that describe her journey.  
You can see all of the details for this workshop, and register 



  1. Wow, Shari, what an amazing piece! Loved seeing all those layers. A question - does it matter matter if you use joint compound, spackle, or plaster? Spackle seems to be the lightest weight.Thanks for sharing the process. As i worked on the Metal & Encaustic journey project I realized that Encaustic is not a quick process. It was kind of fun just to let it come to life over time.

    1. Hi Debbie!
      Thank you :)
      Doesn't matter a bit . Complete personal preference, or what you have on hand. The plaster does dry the fastest. So, if you would like the longest working time, use the joint compound. Spackle would be thick and yummy lots of great texture ! Check the jar to see what kind of working time you have as it can vary.

  2. P.S.To answer your question about videos, I'm really enjoying the wax ones. Keep them coming! is my vote :-)

    1. Thanks for your vote Debbie! I will definitely keep the "Wax on Wednesdays!" I was also thinking of adding one more ,with a different medium, on a weekly basis to change it up just a little bit.

    2. Thanks for both of your replies! It is always fun to see different mediums, as well as how they mix (or don't) with each other.


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