Wax on Wednesdays! Encaustic Painting February Angel

This week on "Wax on Wednesdays!" 
I am sharing a little February Angel.
I love incorporating vintage fibers and creating collage ,
 and rich texture with them. 
Sometimes I help them along with some tea staining, for variation in the layers of whites and creams.  I incorporated a few of the larger pieces into the wax of the piece as you see in the video. But, many more delicate layers were hand stitched on to these base pieces afterwards .
She is very light weight for embedding in the wax ,because she is actually a plaster cast of a vintage porcelain charlotte doll. 
the original vintage ones are much heavier. 
If you don't have any castings of your own, and would like to try this , I do sell the plaster cast Charlottes in my Etsy store regularly . 

Sometimes if you receive the blog post via email , the video does not show up. 
If you do not see the video , you can view it directly on the Youtube channel 

Supplies I used this week
R and F encaustic medium
masonite board
encaustic gesso
Paper clay
clay tools
vintage kid leather gloves, lace, muslin, linen , and buttons
plaster cast Charlotte doll
vintage ephemera
Sennelier paint sticks : burnt sienna
sennelier oil pastel : gold
brass chain for hanging
I will hopefully have another post for you late this week.
 We have had several days of snow , and our water heater broke on Sunday!  They have finally got a replacement in that is coming today . WOOT!
(praying that they can still get here after the snow we had last night)

The Dane-osaurous  is feeling much better , but   still goes every other day for bandage changes (except for the morning we were all snowed in! ) The doctor says she looks good though, and the tumor she had was benign so that was great news! 
The real  bummer this week , is that my 5 pounds of wax that I ordered is stuck somewhere in snowstorm Octavia !
 I think I will feel much better after a nice hot shower :))) 
Warm Blessings to you,

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