Feb 11, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! An Epic Romance , of Undying Love

In this week's "Wax on Wednesdays! " we are still in the month of 
But, this week a little darker tale,
 of undying love. 
 This week was themed around Cathy and Heathcliff and 
their eternal connection to one another. 
I am more of an Austen girl myself, but Bronte's tragic romance holds
a very special place on a rainy day just the same. 

This week's supplies used:
Cradle board
paper clay
R and F encuastic medium
brass nails
vintage tin type photo
Sennelier paint sticks:
titanium white
Encaustikos Hot Cakes :red
clay tools 

 Sometimes when you receive the post via email , the video does not show up. If you do not see the video, you can view it directly on the Youtube channel 

I hope that you enjoy !

I am a little on the slow side with everything this week , as our Great Dane-osaurous had
surgery on her foot, and needs extra TLC and help getting about !
I have to keep a constant eye on her , or I will have to put
"The cone of shame"
back on her head , and she DOES NOT LIKE it!
And when a Great Dane doesn't like something....
they can be a little hard to convince :)
And , I would much rather have her rest happily and comfortably. 
Blessings to you,


  1. Your art is beautiful Shari! Give lots of hugs and kisses to that great, big dog of yours!

    1. Thanks Kelly!
      She goes for another bandage change today. Her official birthday assigned by our vet years ago at 12 weeks old is
      Valentine's Day :) since she is a rescue , and we didn't know the " exact" day of her birth. That means we will be stopping at Panera after for her very favorite Cinnamon Crunch bagels ( we only give to her on her birthday) the rest of the time she just steals them if they are ANYwhere in the house :))))
      Have a wonderful weekend!


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