"Wax on Wednesdays!" Fun Mark Making Tools for Encaustic Painting

This week I am showing  a super fun tool  to add all sorts of mark making to your encaustic paintings. 
There is literally endless number of ways you can add really beautiful marks to your encaustic with this tool. You can even paint with it! 
What is it? 
Craft store wood burning tool :)

Now there are several kinds out there. I have the one with a temperature dial on it . It is a little bit more expensive , but well worth it ,as you only need a little bit of heat to create marks in the wax. Also ,you can vary your types of markings by adjusting the temperature. If the wax is too hot it will sort of melt back into place , like you are fusing it, instead of creating a mark. 

They usually come with different nibs or bits that you can change out and create beautiful variation in patterns. 

I enjoyed the scrimshaw looking effect of the faux frame  on the white back round.

My 3 little boards were fairly heavy vs. the base plywood board , so I glued them down first using e6000. 

This Weeks Supply List

3 small wood boards
1 plywood board
oil paint sticks (I use Sennelier)
 Encaustic Medium  ( I use R and F brand)
craft store wood burning tool
e6000 to glue smaller boards to larger substrate

Sometimes if you receive the post via email , the video does not show up . If you would like to see the video on the Youtube channel click

I have  buried myself in the studio lately, getting preparations ready for upcoming live workshops, and working on some larger paintings for my upcoming Spring shows.
My focus on my own works
( I say that , because I feel the "Wax on Wednesdays!"
works are to share for everyone , and I try to sort of  gear the colors ,
 and what I use etc.   so that it can translate  into multiple styles ,
and be taken many directions if you would like to try out the
 techniques in your own style :)
"The Satchel" 12x16" metal , oil, encaustic , on cradled board
Whereas my personal work , is more deeply related to how
 I am feeling at the time, and my relationship with the wax.
It does feel like a relationship .
Maybe that is why I love it so.
 It is definitely give and take. Push and pull. Forward and backward.
Harmony and conflict.
"Walls" 12x16 on cradled board
The best way to describe this latest series is
"Organic decay"
Not originating from  nature,
 but the effects of decay, and decomposition, of mankind's possessions over time .

Would you like to take one of my live workshops?
My next teaching venue is
"Artiscape " Columbus Ohio
Where I will be sharing 4 workshops in both  Encaustic, and metal work.
April 10-12
Click HERE for details .

and Happy Creating!

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