Good Monday! I Have a New Website!

Good Monday to you!

I am a bit excited this morning, even though we have another impending snow and ice warning this week. I am choosing to think only sunny thoughts as it is March after all.

"Ongoing Conversation" 8x8" Encaustic and Mixed Media on Board

I have a new website !
It has been quite a few years since I have had one. Once blogger improved significantly (does anybody remember what it was like in the old days to try and load pictures on blogger , and have them disappear? lol) , and Etsy grew and evolved , I have solely depended on the two for both news information, and sales etc. 

"Finding the Way Forward" 8x8 Encaustic and Mixed Media on Board
I am still keeping both the blog , and Primology the Etsy shop of course. I just felt I needed something that brought all of me together if you will, in a little more organized fashion, Ha!  You can get to the blog, Etsy, online workshop page , youtube channel, etc all from the new site. 

I am still tweaking , and fussing with it every time I think of something to fix, but it is finally presentable for you :) I would love if you hopped over for a visit ! 

Wax on Wednesdays! News 
"Change" 8x8" Encaustic , oil ,graphite, india ink on board
I have had many questions both from the "Wax on Wednesdays! " on youtube, and the encaustic workshops (Encasutic Mini Assemblage Masks , Encaustic and Metal Journal Let the Journey Begin, and Encautic and Metal Art to Wear) asking "What else can I use for coloring when the oil sticks and Encaustic paints are so costly?"

"Surrounded" 8x8" Encaustic and Mixed Media on Board 
It's true the wonderful thing about encaustic is that your equipment is minimal. But the colorants can be up there in price if you are just starting out.

I am dedicating the whole month of March for the Wax on Wednesdays! videos , to be "Exploring different wax to provide color in your Encaustic work. "

I hope you will enjoy the series this month. And ,it inspires you to give encaustic painting a go !
I also have realized that I haven't had any new finished works in my Etsy shop in some time!
I have been  hoarding all my pieces  for upcoming shows in April . But I will be sharing these smaller works in the shop today . They are  8x8"s and will be up in just a bit in the Etsy shop :). 

Blessings to you,

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