Some Further Exploration With Graphite

Good Tuesday  !
Not quite time for Wax on Wednesdays! just yet , 
but I thought I would 
share some larger pieces with you , using graphite in encaustic in a few different ways. 

"Everyday Classic" encaustic collage 
This collage has small touches of graphite used for  highlighting  and mark making throughout the piece, but also used here as an encaustic paint .
"Everyday Classic" Encaustic collage on panel 12x12"

"Yesterday I was clever so I  wanted to change 
the world,
Today I am wise so I  changed myself."

is an encaustic and mixed media collage on panel . 
The graphite mark making on the back of the focal piece was done for me 100 years ago by a child, and I love it ! ( back cover of a first reader).

The base of the piece features  a graphite painted  plaster , and graphite encaustic paint, with india ink . 

"Today" Encaustic and Mixed Media collage on panel 12x12

These last two paintings were done using only graphite , encuastic medium , and white oil stick. 

"Too Many Thoughts" Encaustic and Graphite on board 

"Moon Dust Dancer" Encaustic and Graphite on board  
The 2 collage pieces "Everyday Classic" and "Today" 
will both be up in the shop later today. 
See you tomorrow for Wax on Wednesdays! 
Blessings to you,

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