Wax on Wednesdays! Fun With Abstracts, Using Watercolor , and Encaustics!

This week is super fun 
with some abstract painting , some vibrant spring colors, 
and of course some delicious bees wax ,which really
makes the watercolor "pop" , and also adds depth. 
 This week continuing the theme for the month , which is to add color to
the encaustic paintings without the use of actual encaustic paints, or even oil
sticks and oil paints! 
 So here are the watercolors I used . I probably got this set at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby 
with the 40% off coupon . Fairly  inexpensive set , but they worked really well . 
 For my substrate I used 140lb. /300 g watercolor paper that I mounted onto 
5x7" Ampersand hardboard panels.  I love these little flat panels , 
they are perfect for  experimenting
on, and working out new techniques and patterns, 
 before moving on to the bigger  expensive panels  
 This weeks supplies:
hardboard panel
watercolor paper
watercolor paint 
encaustic medium 
india ink (black and white)
 My whole goal was to edit  all of the new videos down to around 8 minutes long. Not because I don't want to share , but because I want to keep you excited about the process and not bore you :) But, this one is a solid 12 minutes. I figured that taking out too much of the actual painting would kind of take  away the whole purpose of this one ,so there it is . Going against my own rule , oh well. 

I had some major uploading problems with the first 3 attempts failing on me for some strange reason, I won't attempt to completely understand cyber space .
So, this is actually wax on Thursday !! So sorry about that . I gave up on the final attempts late last night, but one of them survived, and was all done processing  when I got up this morning :))) YAY

Sometimes when receiving the post via email, the video does not show up. If you would like to see the video you can view it directly on the Youtube channel by clicking 

I hope you enjoy this weeks video :)

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