Wax on Wednesdays! Where Ever the Wax May Take Me..

It took a few days to get all of these papers good and rusty. I like all of 
the marbling and variation of marks in the paper, like a gorgeous rust  bleed ,
 the more concentrated iron spots, and of course the
lovely verdigris. 
This all from vinegar and salt on various elements from around the studio that I had collected for the purpose of rusting . 
 Ok , 
super tip to get you hooked .
Shari , what is the best thing EVER that rusts 
fairly quickly and gives those great spots?

Steel Wool 
: )))

Yep, my favorite thing to put on those papers amongst the various do dads is fine steel wool. On it's own, on top of other metals , this stuff rusts fast and pretty ! (onto papers that is)

This week on "Wax on Wednesdays!" , continuing with this month's theme of adding color without traditional encaustic paints, or oil sticks , oil paints, etc. ,
I went with all of the deep rich caramel tones that can be created with 

Wood Glue 

This weeks supplies used were:
cradled board
encaustic medium
wood glue
rusted tissue papers
stained tea bags
tiny bit of rusted fabric
and black and white India inks

 The video is time lapsed ,and 8 or 9 minutes long, but in actuality,
there are well over 20 thin layers of encaustic medium on this piece, with inks, and shellac etc, in between each fused layer. 

I didn't have a plan set in stone , but I did begin with some clear  thoughts , of what I saw going on in this piece. 
Then of course it took me in a completely different direction as the wax does, and I go with it. I don't fight it to keep my initial idea going. "Working against" ," struggling to get back", "making it work" these are not fun creative phrases , and the piece comes out as forced. 

I am not sure where the phrase "go with the flow " originated, but it is perfect for encaustic!

"Be aware and inspired of the way the wax is moving at that moment"
 "Work with what is happening that is exciting and beautiful", 
"Move in the direction of the way the work is going ", ( and not against it)
"Wax is forgiving, there are no mistakes"

Safety , Safety , Safety
Some of these processes are best to do outside , using caution, away from wind, children, and animals.
And , it is never good to breathe fumes of anything  especially if they are burning :)

 Sometimes if you receive the post via email , the video does not show up.
If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel 

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