May 11, 2015


I had no real set  plans yesterday ,
so I had decided  that I wanted  to announce the winners of the giveaway
 "encaustically" :))

Little did I know , I was woke up to Miss Reagan's delicious gluten free banana pancakes

2 eggs
pinch of baking powder
banana smooshed 
drop of vanilla 

I wish I had a photograph of them ,
 but I was quickly hurried off to get dressed for my surprise picnic at the park!

We had a delightful time ,
but not enough daylight left to film my "reveal"

so without further adoo,
Woot Woot!
Here are the winners.....

Congratulations to Jackie and Theresa !
Please email me and let me know 
the email address you would like for the workshop Jackie ,
and the mailing address for the 
encaustic kit Theresa :)))

Blessings, and happy Creating!

1 comment:

  1. Holy Cannolis!!!!!
    Shari, I am over the moon excited- woot woot woot!!! And you made a youtube video of it just cracks me up!!
    My email is Kampyarts(@) (gmail)(dot)(com)

    Congratulations to you too Theresa!!

    How fun for your surprise picnic Shari!! happy belated Mother's Day!!xx


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