Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Painting Embedding For Shape, Texture, Form ...

This week I am posting the video directly from the Youtube channel to the blog, so we will see how this goes!  I am a little more weary of experimenting with technology, but constantly try and force myself to keep up with these new buttons and gadgets that are available out there :)

Continuing the encaustic embedding theme this month with some fun shapes and textures. 
There are so many ways you can go with just these 2  elements ( string or twine, and old magazines)  and embedding them into the encaustic surface . I am showing one fun way, but I can feel  a whole series brewing with these fun items! 

Here is the supplies I used this week:
4x4x2" unprimed cradle board
painters tape to mask off sides
vintage magazine cuttings
R and F encaustic medium
Burnt sienna and black Sennelier oil paint sticks
heat gun (Wagner)
clay tools and scraper

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