Wax on Wednesdays! Last in the Embedding Series

The last installment of the "embedding " series for "Wax on Wednesdays!" is a very common inexpensive element that can lend itself in soooo many ways and shapes  to create a sculpture in the wax !
Foam Core Board!

 There are so many directions you could take using this  material!
 I chose a shape and colors that reminded me of things from the sea 
( since I just had the pleasure of seeing it :)

The Pan Pastel colors  can be layered so beautifully with encaustic wax, and their depth of color paired with the crystals , gives this  piece  a luminosity that is just beautiful .  

Here is the list of supplies I used this week :
R and F encaustic medium (tinted white)
4x4x2" cradled wood panel
foam core board cut into strips
Pan Pastels
foam make up type sponges
heat gun
natural crystals
Sennelier Oil Stick burnt sienna

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Happy Creating !!

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