Fluid Movement of Encaustic Shellac Burn

Happy Wednesday! 
This week one of my favorite things to work with in encaustic . 
Shellac reveals  the fluidity and movement of the wax in such awesomely beautiful ways. 
Constant practice can achieve some assumptions and predictions about what the wax will do next , but no two results will ever be the same.

This produces the constant excitement in me of 
what will the wax do next?
What beautiful forms will it reveal?

Supplies I Used This Week:
4x4x1 /2" wood panel
6x6x1 1/2" wood panel
Encaustic gesso
R and F encaustic medium
Black India ink
pink tinted medium
white tinted medium
Encausticos Hot Cakes Green

Shellac is extremely flammable . 
Proper preparations should be taken for working with open flames . 
 Heat proof surfaces (several layers of them), clear ,clean working spaces , or outdoors is best.

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Blessings , and Happy Creating!

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