On My Studio Table

On My studio table ( a few days ago) some special photo encaustic gifts .
 Some for my Ms. Paula , 
and some for Grandma Jane's Birthday. 
All 3 daughters engaged at once? Doesn't happen every day.

I was able to grab some shots of Ms Paula's daughters,
 ( some of my favorite all time peeps ) and their fianc├ęs all together this summer, and did some
photo encaustic on mini wood blocks with them. 
These little mini blocks are my favorite at 4x4 x2 " . There is something about them, and I just can't have enough of them! 
They are so fun to play with the the photo encaustic on them. I think they remind me of playing with  building blocks, and I love putting groups of them together. 

For Grandma Jane I did little miss Reagan in some more photo encaustic
 on slightly larger wood panels.
With hers I worked in some background colors , which is the wonderful
thing about photo encaustic . You can take all of the color away , and then add
back in here and there, subtle touches and soft layers of dreamy wax. Or, you can
change the photo completely. 
Usually I tape off , and paint the sides, but I have done a few now with 
the wax dripping naturally , and organically where it may, and then add a stain over the sides, and really enjoying that natural more organic look . 
If you would like  to learn photo encaustic with me, You can!
 Just check out the "Encausticology Image Exploration" 
workshop on the online workshop page. 

Here is my PFATT offering for August 2015.
An original encaustic collage piece 
"Gentle Nature"
It measures 6x6x 1 1/2" on wood panel . 

You can see all the details on my PFATT page 

This week getting ready for  back to school already !
Wax on Wednesdays this week will be Wax on Thursday,
 and posted by tomorrow morning, 
as I have been rushing around getting little miss Reagan ready for high school !!!


Blessings to you,

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