Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic and Wood Glue Burn

A wood glue burn is a wonderful way to achieve rich caramel , and rust colors .
Adjustments can be made to how deep the shades become by the stroke of the torch. 

 Here are the supplies used this week:
4x4 x 7/8" wood panel
R and F encaustic medium
wood glue (  hardware store )
India Ink
graphite crayon
graphite powder (and water)
oil sticks (white , buff, black)
heat gun
torch (with adjustable flame)

 Safety precautions should always be taken for working with an open flame.
 Outside is best for this process. 
I am using a butane torch with an adjustable flame set on very low to control the burn. 

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I would love to share some of the awesome photos that have been shared with me
from  students in the workshops! If you would like to grab some photos of your workshop progress, or completed projects, and email them to me I would love to post them here on the blog for you.

There are currently 8 workshops and 2 tutorials to choose from . All are self paced with 24/7 lifetime access! (and me anytime via email :))
How To Make Beautiful Broken China Jewelry Workshop:
Work by the awesome Rhonda !

Love the playing card presentation Rhonda!!!

Encaustic Art To Wear Workshop:
 Work by the wonderful Marlene !
Beautiful wire forms for the pod sculpture pendants!

and look at all the beautiful houses ! Love all the little details.

 Encaustic and Metal Journal , Let the Journey Begin....Workshop:
 Work by the Fabulous Leslie!
 All of the fabulous texture and pattern in the cover!
 Love the moving goodies in the child's page.

Love the photos on the Mother's page , soo beautiful.
OOOh, inside cover is gorgeous too!

I love getting happy photo mail from you, it makes my day !

Workshops are available on the "online workshops " page at the top of the blog , or in the Etsy shop

Blessings to you,

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