Wax on Wednesdays! It's Not Always Like You Planned It

I bumped this one up a week for Trudie :)

The alcohol inks are so mesmerizing on the wax when working on a solid substrate (wood panel etc.)
I wanted to explore a similar effect with different papers. 
I can't really take the torch to the papers on their own safely, like I do in the layers of  wax on wood so...

I decided to work with 3 different substrates:
Yupo Paper 
140 lb Water Color paper  
140 Water color paper coated with encaustic medium first. 

You can clearly see in the video that I am not happy with one outcome, and the other remains even now a work in progress. ( I leave these out in a special place , because one day I end up passing  by and have that
moment for them)

The Yupo paper clearly won out and I ended up doing a couple 
more pieces with it that you see here. 

Sometimes when you receive the post via email the video does not show up. If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube Channel click

The supplies I used this week are:
Alcohol inks (ranger brand)
isopropyl alcohol (spray bottle)
Yupo Paper
Water color Paper 140 lb.
Encaustic medium
heat gun (Wagner)

So, not all outcomes of everything are pretty all of the time. 
Sometimes a piece is just waiting to take another path. 
Sometimes your mind is not far enough down the road to see that path yet. 
But , the knowledge gained from committing to the creative process?

Blessings to you, and have a great week!

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