Oct 17, 2015

In the New Studio!

Wow ! Its been a busy few weeks for sure.
 Well ,I got all of the show lights hung in time for the art walk , and met some fabulous folks !
It was a truly wonderful event , 
and I am looking forward to the next one on November 6-7. 
Then ,this week was the very first workshop in the new studio ! 
These wonderful artists did the  Encaustic Collage workshop and we made beautiful hardworking messes with awesome artworks that bloomed out of them, and had a great time .

 Got to love the shellac burn!

Thank you  Debbie ,Kathy , Kathy, and Jo for blessing the studio with your wonderful art in it's inaugural workshop! 

Here are some of the beautiful works that were created in the workshop:

Ms. Reagan also had to film me  working in the studio UGH( and laughed uncontrollably  the entire time 
of course as I don't enjoy any more than my hands being filmed :).
The reason for my hopefully not to awkward  filming torture ?
Well, its a BIG, FUN surprise that I get to reveal to you 
so stay tuned !
Me trying to look as not awkward as possible .


  1. Congratulations Shari on the first class in the new studio! It looks like the gals all had a great time- only wish I lived closer! "(
    BTW, you do not look awkward- you look beautiful!
    Jackie ")

  2. We had a great time! Shellac, glue & fire... I'm hooked! Looking forward to the next workshop :-)

  3. So cool! Everyone looks like they're having fun, including you. Thanks for sharing the pictures of all the projects too!


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