Wax on Wednesdays! A Study and Create

Welcome to Wax on Wednesdays!
This whole month of November will focus 
on an abstract work each week ,from artists that helped shape 
and form the modern abstract movement in the 20th century .

I am choosing a painting from each of these artists as an inspirational piece.
It may not be their most noted works, but yet are the ones that have
spoken to me and my creative spirit at that time. 

Willem De Kooning Rosy-Fingered Dawn at Rouse Point 1963
oil on canvas 80x70
 Very Brief Bio
Perhaps one  of the most noted abstract expressionist painters of the 20th century was Dutch born Willem De Kooning (1904-1997) . 
He is  most famous for his figurative Woman series., and his deconstructed images of the female form. 
 His expressionistic work has been referred to as "action painting" . 
"Rosy-Fingered Dawn at Rouse Point" ,
is one of his  landscapes inspired by one of De Kooning's favorite places on Long Island where he liked to ride his bike daily. 

 For this weeks Wax on Wednesdays! I did 3 pieces. In the first piece 
De Kooning's composition is Very loosely followed , just to purely gain a feeling for the action of the strokes, flow, use of color , and overall composition of the original piece ( using encaustic of course :)

The other 2 pieces pictured below, are translations of how Dekooning's original  piece makes me feel and what it inspired. 

 Supplies Used this week:
oil paint
R and F encuastic medium
birch cradle boards 6x6 and 4x4

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If you would like to know more about Willem De Kooning there are lots of beautifully done  books on his works and life including 

De Kooning: A Retrospective  2011

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