Dec 9, 2015

Wax on Wednesdays! A Little Holiday Spirit

This week a little encaustic holiday spirit!
Are you giving the gift of your encaustic art work for Christmas?
Here is a perfect added little touch to a beautiful hand painted gift. 

Encaustic gift tags!
I used little pine wood ones from Michaels. If you can't find those , you can use a soft balsa wood from the craft store usually in the modeling section. This can easily be cut with scissors , craft knife. You can also use chip board and cut it in the shape of gift tags , or any shape that you like!

Materials I used this week:
oil colors
r and f encaustic paint
wood gift tags

To view this video directly on Youtube click 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Gigi! Thank you so much, I hope that you get a chance to try some , they are a lot of fun :)

  2. These are super cute and I too was going to try some ornaments this year. Is that embossing powder or glitter you are using to give the sparkle? I haven't tried either with my encaustic work yet. Thanks for the videos! I love them.

    1. Hi Marie,
      I used just regular glitter from the craft store for these. I just looked for the most sparkle :) . Any of the pearl type powders would look great as well !

  3. These are great! And after their gift tag life they can become ornaments :-)

    1. Thanks Debbie ! YES ! A gift within a gift :)


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