Wax on Wednesdays Study and Create : Franz Kline

 Franz Kline 
1910 -1962
Franz Kline was an American Painter who studied art at Boston University , and spent his early years painting figuratively , landscapes, cityscapes , and portraits. His associations with friends such as William De Kooning helped influence his transitioning into abstract expressionism . He became well known for his black and white abstract paintings , and for his "action" style of painting. 

Kline did not like to suggest the meaning of his paintings . 
Franz is noted for stating: 

"I paint the white as well as the black, and the white is just as important" 
 Franz Kline "Figure 8"

Well let's see how this transitioned with encaustic !
For this weeks video I used large 18x24" sheets of 140lb water color paper. It was a wonderful exercise in line control, as the encaustic dries shortly after  contact with the paper. Almost the opposite of what Kline preferred in a painting medium.  

th="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/yu96s4nh3Cw?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

If you cannot view the video , you can see it directly on the YOtube channel 

Materials I used this week:
R and F encasutic medium
graphite crayon
india inks
heat gun
water color paper 

"Seeing" 18x24" encaustic , graphite , and india ink on paper 2015
"Field" encaustic , graphite, india ink on paper 18x24" 2015

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