Jan 14, 2016

Happy Wax on Wednesday on Thursday :) Still Time to Enter Giveaway !

A little abstract landscape collage today using vintage ephemera. 
You can use collage as an excellent practice to get a feel for abstract compositions. Using the dark, light, and the natural colors of the vintage ephemera to help form your intuitive designs compositions . 
From there you can decide to add further additions of color or not. 
I added some oil colors and graphite to this little horizon. 

Supplies I used this week:
R and F encaustic medium
4x4x2" cradled birch board
heat gun
vintage emphemera
oil colors
graphite pencil
white oil pastel
old credit card for scraper
clay scraper

To see the video directly on the Youtube Channel click 

Just a couple of days left to enter the drawing for the free spot in the new Encausticology Collage workshop ! 
To enter simply post somewhere on any social media ( Facebook , pinterest, flickr, tumblr, blog, instagram etc. etc ) about the workshop and leave a comment saying where you posted . You are entered every time you post about it somewhere  and let me know!  :) Feel free to grab any of the photos etc from the previous post about the workshop to use when posting .
Blessings to you ,


  1. Hi Shari! I pinned you in Pinterest, so can I be included in your giveaway? Thank you, Sandra / sign1008@cox.net

    1. Thank you Sandara , of course you are entered :)

  2. Shari, you are so generous to be giving away another class!! I am posting here, on FB and Twitter and Google!
    I don't Instagram or I'd be over there as well!
    Thank you and best of luck to everyone!
    Jackie ")


    1. Ha ha ,Thanks Jackie! You will be entered for every time you posted :)

  3. Shared on instagram! This looks awesome!

    1. You are entered Margaret :) and thank you !

  4. Shari, thank you for your inspiration and teaching. Excited about joining you att he end of the month and as I self study

  5. your last class changed my way of work. Loved it!! Hope I can still be in the class give away drawing. God Bless Kay geraghty em4rkj@frontiernet.net

  6. Hi Shari, I am new to encaustic and am excited by all there is to learn. I found your blog and am now following you on YouTube. Thank you so much for all the information, techiques and ideas you provide. I am not sure what I have to do to qualify for this draw...but wanted to thank you none the less.

  7. Hi Shari! I am just learning encaustic and have done a lot of reading on the subject as well as watched your past Wax on Wednesdays episodes. I have been buying my supplies and am just about ready to dive into the pool! Thank you for having a drawing for the new class.


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