New Live Workshops ! and 5 Minute Warm Up

I will be teaching 4 live workshops at
 in Columbus Ohio , April 21-24.

Would you like to join me ? 

Thursday April 21
Have fun  creating with hot melted beeswax and resin in the this encaustic assemblage workshop! The dynamics of encaustic painting will be introduced, along with how to make your own reusable molds, color the wax and cast. Learn encaustic painting and embedding techniques for assemblage, and lots of
 rusting, rusting, rusting! Woot !!!
You will leave with two completed paintings along with a mold to take home for future assemblage works!

"The Burn" 
Friday April 22

Discover the true magic that happens when encaustic and shellac are come together! The dynamics of encaustic painting will be introduced, as well as multiple colorant options, techniques and, of course, "the burn". Learn to manipulate and create gorgeous abstract color combinations and patterns that really wow! Leave with one large 8x8" and two smaller 4x4" pieces

"Encaustic Photo Painting "
Saturday April 23
Create one-of-a-kind works of art with encaustic wax and vintage photos. Learn how to transform your photographs using hot molten beeswax,  and paints. Shari will show you all the dynamics of encaustic painting, including adding color and texture to the wax surface. You'll also learn how to transfer photos onto the encaustic wax surface, then alter the image. Leave with a finished large (12x12") and small (6x6") painting.

Come with me for 
Intuitive expressionism painting is both exciting and action-packed when using encaustic!

Learn wildly fun techniques to loosen up , and paint freely, and intuitively. 

 All of the dynamics of encaustic painting will be covered, along with abstract composition and use of color. Learn how to incorporate mixed media elements, including inks, water colors, graphite and pastels. You will complete several works on paper and learn matting techniques for finished pieces.

Sunday April 24

You can see the details and register for these and all of the other 50 wonderful workshops at :

I have had several nice really messages while waiting for the registration for this retreat to open, and I can't wait to see you all there ! :) Remember seats are filled on a first come basis ,and there are seating limits for the live workshops so that we can all have a relaxing good time creating  :)

So sorry , No wax on Wednesdays this week .

We took on a small winter diy home project....
And completely gutted our entire first floor :)) 
Now hubby and I  are in the process of
putting it back together while he has 2 weeks off. 

Of course as soon as we emptied the first floor of the house of everything down to the  drywall and studs,  the washing machine, and the  computer , immediately gave up the ship! 
:) )))
Hoping to get a kitchen  sink , floors , and cabinets in ourselves by the end of the 2 weeks.
14 year old teenage girls  don't function very well on subfloor , and the great dane, and the studio assistant are greatly confused.
 ( he feels a bit  better this week btw thank you so much for all that had well wishes for him)

Wish me luck !

I did manage to get a 5 minute morning warm up posted for you . Hope you enjoy it.

If you would like to view the video directly on Youtube click


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