All New Wax on Wednesdays and Live Workshops Coming Up!

"My Heart Misses Your Soul" 20x20" oil and graphite on Canvas

Well, apparently it is Wax on Wednesdays! on Thursday again but here we are :)

Yesterday I had the very great honor of being on of the judges for the high school all  state art competition.
 I  was truly  blown away by each and every entry in All of the  categories! Holy Moly !!
Can you tell I love art? 
I especially love when others are excited about art. And, I am over the moon when teenagers and children are excited about art !  

This week Wax on Wednesdays is called "Working it Out" . 
I began working on a project with  the intention of exploring glue as a texture with india inks. The project did not go in the direction that I had planned on . 
What do you do then ?
Well, first I have to set them aside for a bit. Not too long so I forget about them, but over night usually. Just enough to get some distance between frustration and disappointment , so that I am able to see what they  "can be", instead of what they weren't .

Supplies I used this week are :

india inks
encaustic medium
white encaustic paint
140lb water color paper
heat gun 

As I mention in the video , once I have added several layers of medium to this paper  I know that I will have to mount them to a hard substrate so that they will not crack somewhere down the line. Most likely I will mount them to cradle birch board . 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube Channel click 

I post a lot of photos and progress pics on Instagram ! If you would like to see, just type in sharireplogle_studios ,and click "follow", and then click the ...  button, for "turn on post notifications" to see when new photos are posted . 
Please Note:( I just post photos of art , and the studio etc. not selfies or food so you don't have to worry about me bombarding you with my afternoon "snack pics", or where they went to on my hips YIKES ! :))))
Join me for a live workshop ?

 One of the workshops I will be teaching at Artiscape in Columbus Ohio April 21-24 is 
Encaustic Photo Painting !

 Join me in the magic of using your own two hands, and encaustic,
 to alter photos with NO Photo Shop ! 

You can learn more , and register for the workshop 
seating is limited for the live workshops. 


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