Tips on How to Step Back from your Composition and Some Fun New Technology

Sometimes you are so close with the painting  you are working on , you need to take a step back, or even a break from viewing that piece. One of the benefits of working on a "series" of pieces is that you can set pieces aside to "step back" and give them and yourself a break , and work on another piece without breaking the current frame of mind you are in. This can be working on a series of florals , or  working completely abstractly in a certain palette,  color scheme, or encaustic technique etc. 

Here is one way I take a step back to give fresh eyes to a painting. 
Here I am using an abstract floral in oil as an example. 
I take a photo of the painting .
 It doesn't matter what stage it is in. You can have many "step back " stages as your painting moves along. Use the best natural light possible . If you do not have good lighting , take it outside for a quick shot with your smart phone or tablet. Then I go in and crop the photo so it is just showing my painting to the edge. I save the photo to my library .

Next I take the photo and render it to black and white . I do this to get a better idea of how I am doing on my darks/lights , shadows, etc . Do they make some sense? I also do this when working abstractly to examine my composition a little closer. By eliminating the color , my eye can do this much easier. 
I am simplifying everything for my eye to check things like composition and light and shadow a little closer. Often times I think a painting is finished and the photo reveals to me places I need to go in and simplify on abstracts , or highlight and shadow on a still life etc. 

I used a floral here for the example , but because most of my work is completely abstract , I use this same method as well for composition. Is it too busy in one area? where does your eye go ? Is that where you want it to go?

Fun New Technology For Branding Your Art!
MOO emailed me yesterday . I love their business cards and products . Their original paper is my favorite. 
They are teaming with a new product called "Monogram " 
This is a fun one !
Not quite sure everything you can do with it yet . But , I had a lot of fun creating one. 
It is an ap you can download from iTunes. Once downloaded you can add photos of your art , your process, your thoughts , an abbreviated artist statement , etc. 
And , you can make lots of them !!
Oh , and the best part is its FREE!
Sometimes when marketing your art , you feel like your budget can get nickled and dimed to death. So when things come a long for free it is a great thing. 
Here is the one I created yesterday.

You can quickly show potential clients this mini portfolio on your iPhone or tablet. You can send it via email, and share it on several social media sites such as Facebook and Google Plus. 
It says you can share to Pinterest as well . I have not checked to see if this is possible yet. 

If you give it a try , let us  know how you liked it in the comment section of this post. Did you find any other cool ways you can use it? 
Ps: Moo did not ask me to do this , I just thought it was fun , beneficial , and wanted to share it with you :)

I am posting this last as I did not want to begin on a down note. It has been a long hard couple of months , but my "best studio assistant ever" Monkey, lost his battle early Monday morning.
 I had taken a step back from most things  myself in the end in order to nurse and be with him . This week has been a little rough for me without hearing his footsteps constantly behind me, my constant "shadow" . 

 But, if you have been wondering about Wax on Wednesdays , 5 minute painting warm ups etc. that is the scoop , and I plan on getting back into the studio and to  more postings beginning next week  :).

"Love Unconditional " Oil on canvas 24x30"
Blessings to you , 

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