Morning Studio Warm Ups Video

Happy Wednesday ! 
Today some more of my 5 minute intuitive painting explorations warming up in the studio . 
As soon as I walk in the studio , I gather my paint pallet, mark making implements, and  3ish brushes, 
and dive in . 
Am I always in the studio by 7-8 am painting away ? In my dreams that would be a perfect place. But, as artists most of us have to also work the "business" side of things,  and so that doesn't always happen . 
Have you ever FINALLY got a small window of creating time , ran full speed to  your studio or creative space , and became instantly blocked and started cleaning or organizing until you could work it out, until it was time to make dinner ? 
This is just one of my exercises I use to break that block. 
This is  a wonderful exercise if you have been busy with 
the "outside of the studio life" all day, and have not been able to reach for those paints. 
You know there is no time to work on a large project, but the call from deep inside you is longing for a brush in your hand . 
I find watercolor works very nicely for this because of their fairly fast drying time to layer , and if I am really enjoying them , I can add encaustic to them later on. But , this can also be enjoyed with acrylics as well.  

Do I have to call these completed after 5 minutes ?
Absolutely not !
If I find something is really working, I will continue to work on them to see where they go :) 

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

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Blessings to you,

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