Aug 17, 2016

Wax on Wednesdays is Back !

Back after a busy summer ! 
Lots of dance and some fun with friends for Ms. Reagan and ABSTRACTED workshop fun for me .
Today is the first day of school for ms. Reagan which made it perfect timing for an all new Wax on Wednesdays !

These last few weeks were also spent helping Ms. Reagan with her summer projects for school including 4 art projects. She chose encaustic for all 4 of them ! ( I did not influence the decision at all I promise you ) . These are what she created. She had to do a still life, and a portrait, for 2 of them . I will post the others next week. I was just present in the back ground for safety, and any technical questions that needed answering . 

 Her still life encaustic and oil sticks 
Her portrait .  She embedded  the encaustic flower from the scrapings of this weeks 
Wax on Wednesdays ! video :))

Wax on Wednesdays !
Excavating the Color Within 

Ok, now on to some wax on Wednesdays fun with all new techniques for you !
This weeks project was done with over 45 layers of wax. 

Each layer was fused after it was added. It takes some patience, but well worth it when it come time to carve back in to all of that beautiful color. 

Supplies I used this week:
10x10 birch cradled board
encaustic medium 
Handmade encaustic paint
natural brushes
heat gun 
clay scrapers

If you would like to view the video directly on the youtube channel click here 

Hope you had a wonderful summer !
Blessings to you,


  1. Glad to have you back!Boy, that is a LOT of layers but what a great effect. How long did it take to create the piece in the video? You had a lot of fusing going on!

    1. Thanks Debbie! Yes it is . It is always hard to say "exactly" when you are working on several pieces at once, but It actually took a couple of days and then I let it completely rest for a couple days before going back and carving in. :)

  2. Beautiful! I love the revealing of layers.

    1. Thank you so much Rae Lynn ! It is a fun process .

  3. Wow and wow! 45 layers??? Beautiful results Shari!!
    Ms Reagan seems to be following very close in your footsteps! That portrait is gorgeous and how proud you must be!

  4. When I started watching this video, I thought: 45 layers? I will pass on this one. But it was so relaxing to watch. And as I did so I started jotting down ideas: Make giant eyeball. Make geode...use pearlescent and metallic paints. Excavate horizontal stripes like geologic striations. Make abstract landscape with little excavated birds flying overhead. Pre-make a bunch of ATC-sized cards with all the layers, and then have an excavation party!


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