My focus in the studio this Fall has been to concentrate on creating a  consistent body of work.
In order to stay on task , it helps a great deal to also stay consistent with my time when I am in the studio.  I have been sticking to routines as much as possible in order to maximize my painting time while there. 

As artists we are constantly exploring creative avenues, and with all of these ideas rolling around in our heads  that we want to try, but it can sometimes actually hinder us from moving forward as much as a creative block can. 

 Constantly jumping from discipline to discipline ,  medium to medium , can actually take away from developing  consistency and developing an individual style  in your painting. 
In the past I would constantly jump from an encaustic collage, to assemblage, to an encaustic burn, etc. etc. etc. 
Right now I am trying to stay on task , and finding that my paintings develop much further , and I am able to progress in  my discoveries of both my self, and my technique and personal style that way.  

By staying consistent most of the week . I might give myself one free day to let loose and work in a different medium altogether or play with a different technique so I can continue to feel fresh. 

By holding to this practice instead of going off on every idea that comes to mind, I am able to explore, examine , and investigate , a concept,  theme,  or composition,  in progressively deeper ways, than is possible by making just one piece in any certain style. 

This  process itself is ever evolving for me and quite exciting. Each week I discover new things , and am able to look back at works from weeks past and see the evolution which is quite exciting!

Live Encaustic Workshop October 29
Marco's Paper 
Dayton Ohio
On a completely different note, I am excited to say that  there is just a few more days to go to the workshop at Marco's Paper in Dayton Ohio. 
A Few spots left if you would like to join us !

 A full day of encaustic exploration , catered lunch, snacks, and I will be giving away one of my original encaustic pieces at the workshop  :) 
ALL materials are included in registration price. 
So all you have to do is come and play, learn, explore, discover, create , and enjoy the magical and ancient medium of encaustic ! 
To see all of the details for the workshop and register go to this 

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