Nov 9, 2016

All New Encaustic Workshop and THE Holiday Workshop Sale!

No wax on Wednesdays today , but the Holiday sale for 2016 is here and it is HUGE. 50% OFF All workshops today through Friday (3days) Only. And, it includes the new encaustic workshop! 
One of the journals from "Encausticology Paper Journey"
 online workshop

I am beyond excited to share this 14 th online workshop with you! 

"Encausticology Paper Journey" 

Join me on a 6 week journey and adventure into freeing your mind , and flexing you creative muscles in exploring the completely magical effects of encaustic and paper.
Workshop includes:
- Intro to encaustic including tools, set up , and safety 
-Let's go paper hunting ! Finding the best papers for use with         encaustic 
-Mono printing
-Embedding a wide variety of papers with awesomely fun encaustic    techniques. 
-Let's create some handmade paper magic ! 
-Encaustic paintings on paper
-Encaustic Journals ! ( binding all of our beautiful monotypes and painted papersin gorgeous encaustic journals that we create from scratch!!!!) 
Here is one of the journals from "Encausticology Paper Collage" we will be creating from scratch !
Encausticology Paper Journal from Shari Replogle on Vimeo.

And of course lets find out what happens when we explore india inks, graphite , pastels, oil pastels, stencils , stamping, and more more more! 
Free yourself creatively, by loosing the fear of the blank page .
Free yourself creatively, and allow yourself to express your emotion through intuitiveness, color , and encaustic !
Workshop begins on January 15th with forever access to both the classroom and videos once purchased.
What if I am new to encaustic ? 
That's totally ok ! 
I go over all of the tools, basic set up, and explain  all of the projects from start to finish in the videos. 
All of my online workshops have LOTS of content to explore  and create with including suggestions and lots ideas for further study and exploration .

Registration details can be found in my Etsy shop 
simply ad coupon code holiday50 at checkout 

Let's Have a Giveaway!
I will be giving away one spot in the 
"Encausticology Paper Journey" 
online workshop!
Simply leave a comment here on the blog and you will be entered for the drawing. 
if you share this post (or a photo from it with link) on any social media (Facebook , pinterest, instagram , your blog what ever you think of lol etc.)  I will enter you in the drawing one time for Each share  ! Simply make sure you let me know how many places you shared in your comment here on the blog so I can enter you :)
Thank you so much ahead of time to anyone who shares . It means a tremendous amount to artists who are self promoted to help get the word out. 

to receive the 50% off any of the workshops add coupon code " holiday50" at checkout in the Etsy shop. 
If you would like to purchase here on the blog I will refund you the 50% after purchase through Pay Pal. 

Now I can't wait until January 15 Th !!


  1. wow--
    i would love, love, love to win a seat in this class--
    thanks for the give away--

  2. Here is the link

  3. thank you! Please enter my name

  4. So generous of you 😊I will take this opportunity to try your workshops , hard to choose when they all sounds exciting. Just shared this link on facebook and instagram hoping to win a seat in this class 😊

  5. Hi, Shari! This new workshop looks like an interesting workshop! I like that it includes the making of a little journal! And learning more about integrating papers really interests me too. I've shared this on Pinterest and Facebook and am heading off now to sign up for the workshop. Thanks for the opportunity, Shari!!

  6. Such a great sale I had to purchase 2 Shari! Would love to win your new class also. I will happily share your class button on my blog. xo

  7. Your workshop looks beautiful!! Unlike anything else out there!!

  8. This looks fabulous. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  9. This looks wonderful. Would love to win this as a Birthday present for me. I will be sharing on Pinterest and Facebook.

  10. Hi Shari :)
    I applied the code and it didn't work.... was there an exp date I missed?

    1. HI Jill ,
      The 50% off all workshop code was only good from November 9-12. But there is still 24 hours left to save 20% off of the new workshop with coupon code " encausticologypaper" at checkout in the Etsy shop :)


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