Wax on Wednesdays Snowflake Stencil Fun !

Getting into the holiday spirit this week !
I used to revert to a complete sort of sparkle glitter fever when this time of year came around . Uncontrollable glass glitter and sparkles everywhere, the more the merrier.  So much that I was sweeping and vacuuming sparkles up clear through the month January .  I find that that part is really no longer true. However , my deeply loved tradition  of a handmade holiday is definitely  rooted in my dna . Every year I still wish that my Mother would have kept the Santa , Mrs. Claus and Tin soldier  ornaments that she created  and hand painted dozens of for the entire tree when I was a girl. They had very geometric almost psychedelic  hand painted outfits.   I guess after about 10 or so years she figured they were out  dated and we moved on to those sequin ornament kits from the craft store. Does anyone remember these? I still have some that we made together and I hang them every year. We had several displays set out at  Christmas each hand painted throughout  the years by my Mother. 
Christmas was also a time for 3 generations of girls to get together and create . This  included my Grandmother , who was a professional landscape artist in northern California .  Over the years we created what ever theme my mother came up with for that year . Huge Mr and Mrs Santa dolls out of Panty hose, Christmas villages, and the year I insisted we recreate Faberge eggs, which I lovingly place  on my tree today. 

Here are some of the ornaments that I have painted this season . My Mother showed me how to do these years and years ago . We used to take all of the used and scratched up balls and bleach them . Then paint them with beautiful abstract swirls inside.  
Now you can of course by them already clear and save that oh so smelly step ! Still recycling has its strong merits as well. 

Wax on Wednesdays!

While strolling through the isles equipped with my 50% off coupon, I found this stencil in the craft paint isle of Michaels last week. It reminded me of snow flakes ! 

Perfect for a December Wax on Wednesdays to show that stencils are great for use with encaustic ! One of the boards went as planned. The second I played around with for quite a while taking it in a few directions. When I became dissatisfied with the overall composition and coloring , I decided to take a step back in order to move forward. I over fused purposefully melting back everything to a flat state . This then became a beautiful swirled background for a new pattern ! 

So do I show you my full process of what I went through in the video , or just edit like I planned it that way the whole time? 
Right ! You know me to well. This was a perfect opportunity to also show that each layer is a journey and an important part of the process. No mistakes , just keep going ! It will find its way eventually and you will probably teach yourself something very valuable  in the process. 

If you would like to view the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

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Blessings to you,

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