Wax on Wednesdays Encaustic Painting Rainy Day Color Burst !

When those slumps come around in creative energy , 
one of my favorite things to do is create more colors ! 
Sometimes its the search for that one special color I am yearning to see that inspires and  sparks those creative juices all over again. 
This is true for me not only in encaustic, but also in oil, acrylic , and water color endeavors as well. 
Mixing and discovering , playing and exploring, 
in color. 

I sometimes sit and stare longingly at the wall of  wonderful commercial tubes and jars of colors at the art store, and or course have the urger to load it all in my hand cart. But, usually I stop myself and instead choose 1 to 3  colors that I can create several of the hues I am most in the mood for at the time.  It can be a dark palette, neutrals ,or  the search for the perfect "blue " . Sometimes its bright happy bursts in my palette that  Im in search of .   The journey of searching for that palette can be satisfying , rewarding , creatively productive. 
Creating the encaustic colors just takes longer :)
The slow process becomes meditative . The end result exciting ! 

 My favorite  encaustic tool for the last year or so  ?

This Catalyst blade ! 

 Oh my ! 
Just a few more days until "Encausticology Paper Journey " online workshop begins !
See the "online workshop page" on this blog for details or the Etsy shop. 

There are now 14 online workshop to choose from all with lifefirme access once purchased ! 

Wax on Wednesdays
 Rainy Day Color Bursts with PanPastels !

Supplies I used this week:
cradled board 6x6"
white encaustic paint
heat gun
india ink (black and white)
stylus clay tool 
butterfly stencil 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click

Blessings to you in the NewYear ,

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