Wax on Wednesdays ! Change Can Be Good

While doing some early spring cleaning in the studio I ended up sorting through some old small works that had been set aside for one reason or another . Sometimes time is a blessing and you can get a fresh perspective on things when you look at it with fresh eyes. 

A couple of them just needed something to make them pop a bit and enhance what was already there. On the third one I thought of adding a bit of collage with some of the encaustic painted papers from the workshop . I  ended up just going wherever the path led  me and it changed into an entirely new painting .  And that is ok too.  
Sometimes you have to take a few wrong turns before you are set on the right path. It's like taking the scenic route with your painting :) 

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click

Supplies used this week:
tacking iron
masonite boards
oil paint sticks
heat gun
encaustic painted collage papers
encaustic medium
vegetable oil
baby wipe

If you would like to join me for lots of fun learning  my encaustic paper painting process I am sharing it in 2 different live workshops at Artiscape Artist Gathering in April in Columbus Ohio. 
Here is a little video for the "our house' encaustic 3d sculpture and mini journal workshop where we will be creating these beautiful papers and binding them in a hand made journal and using them as collage on our encaustic house sculpture . 

Our House Mini Journal Workshop Artiscape Columbus Ohio 2017 from Shari Replogle on Vimeo.

If you are unable to view the workshop preview video on the email version of this post click HERE for direct link to the video on Vimeo 

You can click HERE for details for this and the 48 other wonderful workshops at Artiscape this year. 

Blessings to you ,

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