A Month of Tea Time and Encaustic !

 This month I thought it would be fun to do a little series of different ways to incorporate lovely used tea bags into encaustic art . 
Why are used tea bags so lovely and enticing when it comes to art? 
Perhaps it is because the tradition of drinking tea actually dates back as far as the  art of encaustic itself  with the first known physical evidence found from 200BC .     Maybe it is because the stained papers of the tea bag after use produces that warm patina reminiscent of aged papers . The papers are strong enough  to hold the tea submerged in steeping water without falling apart , yet they are as translucent as tissue paper and feel as delicate to the touch. 
For week one of this project I began with some small collages with a wood glue burn to to add the lovely caramel hues of the tea bags. I found that the translucency of the bags very versatile within the collage . Layering the bags enhanced and intensified  the color of the bag itself , and also any affects that had been added to them including the india ink. 

Supplies I used this week :
4x4" cradle boards (3)
used tea bags and tags 
graphite crayon
vine charcoal stick
vintage ephemera
white encaustic paint
black encaustic paint
encaustic medium
encaustic gesso
heat gun 
wood glue 
india inks

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

Live Workshops !

I will be in Columbus Ohio for Artiscape Artist Gathering April 28-30 teaching 3 workshops ! 
The "Encaustic Paper Magic " workshop 
on Saturday has just 1 spot left !!

On Friday we will be creating a house sculpture and adorning it with beautiful encaustic collage ! We are also creating the papers for the collage and the hand made mini journal for it ! 

When I do a workshop I like to show lots of examples in different styes . This is because I don't like specific project based workshops where you just simply re create my photo type. I want to show you all of the techniques and methods and creative building blocks and then encourage you to create in  your own style whatever that may be , and if you aren't sure we will bring it out :) Whether it is abstract , bright, and colorful , vintage and rusty etc etc.  Most everyone who has taken a workshop from me knows this about me, but if you haven't yet you might ask why I show all of the different photos and it is simply to give you different ideas of different styles that are  possible when you come in to the workshop. 

For more details on this workshop on the Artiscape Artist Gathering  Website 

April 8, 2017 
Intro to Encaustic 
Essex Studios Cincinnati Ohio

This workshop hosted at the Cincinnati Book Arts Society features a full day of encaustic techniques and exploration ! To see the details and register follow this link for the Cincinnati Book Arts Society Workshop page : 

March 25, 2017 
Marco's Paper Dayton Ohio 
Photo Encaustic with Shari Replogle!
Hosted by White Iris Arts

This workshop is a full day of exploration into the art of photo encaustic .  Photo encaustic is the creative practice of altering photos with our hands and encaustic medium instead of using photoshop!
We will be exploring multiple methods of both transferring and adding imagery onto encaustic paintings in beautiful, fun ways. To see details and register for this workshop click on the link to the White Iris Arts workshop page

Blessings to you , 

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