New Tool Fun with the Gel Press Plate !

One of my favorite things to do in the studio is research. 
I love note taking ,
 trial and error, 
the mistakes the successes, 
proving a theory ,
disproving a theory ,
and going through the process . 
I love learning new things about what the wax can do , 
and what can be used successfully with it .

I have had the large size Gel Press plate for a while now wanting to figure out a way to incorporate it into encaustic . Especially with the 2 year long journey I have been on with encaustic and paper and monotypes taken off the  hotplate . 
 Recently Gel Press creator Sally Lynn MacDonald visited R and F paints and Kelly McGrath and told me they found the oil paint sticks  could be used on the Gel Press Plate. 
I went straight to it ! 

 The R and F sticks go on very smooth and creamy and  easily blend on the plate surface. 

The plate surface itself picks up even tiny details as you can see in this one with just the slightest movement form the catalyst blade. 
This is a multi layered pull and some texture scraped back into the wax. It is a little heavier and will have to be mounted. 

Stay tuned for more fun on the Gel Plate ! 
Supplies I used this week :
catalyst wedge #6
2 brayers
Hammermill copy paper 
R and F oil paint sticks

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube channel click 

I was also excited to get a preview of Encaustic Arts Magazine Spring issue this week !
I have a technique article on shellac burn in this issue .
 I have loved this magazine since it began 
so I was very honored to be included . The spring issue comes out 
comes out 
June 1st 
You can see previous issues of the magazine here :

Blessings to you,

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