Apr 26, 2017

Wax on Wednesdays! Encaustic Excavation and Watching the Magic Fluid Movement

I am off to Columbus ! 
If you are attending Artiscape Artist Gathering this year I am excited to see you ! I am sharing 3 all new workshops on Friday Saturday and Sunday. 
You can see all of the 50 workshops and info for Artiscape 
Happy Wax on Wednesdays ! 
This week I was using some masonite board as my test palette for all of the encaustic paint I was creating for the workshops. This provided a wonderful opportunity to watch what magic would happen to the wax with the torch and heat gun were used at different angles , distances, etc. 

I also covered one of my test boards with white encaustic paint and then went in an 'excavated " the colors ! This is an exciting exploration of the magic that the wax can create .  I love the moment , and action of the fluid encaustic colors as they bloom and blend . 
I hope you enjoy it ! See you next week :)

Supplies I used this week :
Some of the following links are affiliate links where I may receive a few cents back if you purchase them from Amazon. I am using it both as an easy way for you to find the products( or at least see what they look like )  and hopefully a way to continue to bring you weekly videos with new techniques and products :) 


NOTE: the link I have for the encaustic medium this week is for a 5 lb bag. It also comes in 1 lb but the link to the store was too high in price  for just the 1lb and I don't want to steer you wrong on that :)

If you would like to see the video directly on the Youtube Channel click 


  1. You mentioned that you were testing the colors you made. Do you have any videos or workshops on how to make colored encaustic medium?

    1. Hi Michelle ,
      Yes, I show step by step in both Encausticology Collage Journey and Encausticology Paper Journey workshops . The details for the workshops are on the online workshop page at the top of the blog or the Etsy shop. All of the workshops are 24/7 forever access with no time limits or expiration once purchased . :)

  2. I just love watching the color explosion!1
    I am sure you are having so much fun and hope your classes have been a huge success! Another time for me!")
    Jackie xx

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